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Walking Helps Maintain a State of Well-being

hike and stay healthyWhether it’s trekking, hiking or Nordic walking – walking in nature is all the rage. And for some grounded reason: walking in nature is a good form of staying bodily, mentally and spiritually fit. Usually as children we move around a lot, but hiking with our parents is not a preferred activity. Later, as adults we get the urge for moving outdoors. In recent years however hiking began to be increasingly popular with people of all ages. Thus, we see the young generation walking on the paths of the Rockies or of the Alps, most often dressed in fashion and with professional equipment. But hiking isn’t a hassle and is actually very beneficial in many ways.

Types of hiking

Hiking: in the mountains
Mudflat-Hiking-Tour: hiking along the banks of waters
Hitch-Hiking: it’s not a form of hiking :)
Trekking: the crossing of some larger distances with luggage on. Most of the time these last several days and are made in isolated areas. The movement is done on foot, but bikes can be used, skis or canoes. It is sometimes called Wilderness Backpacking (nature traveling, backpack on back)
Bush Walking: hiking in forested areas; a form of trekking on foot
Walking: Walk. hence the derivation walking-shoes and walking-stick
Walking-Tour: moderate hiking
Nordic Walking: fast walking, with the help of two sticks

Hikes are possible everywhere

Theoretically, hiking is possible anywhere and anytime. In the big cities in the evening, the parks are just as suitable for walking as are the mountain paths at midmorning. So nobody has excuses to not go out on a little hike in the park.

Most suitable are the areas with uphills and downhills: walking uphill decreases cholesterol, and descending downhill the muscles break down more sugar than under normal conditions.

Of course there are hiking paths healthier than city streets. And also: nature awakens the senses! When we are in nature we can feel how the mind and body undergo purification.

The advantage of hiking is that it doesn’t need any training beforehand. Also, there is no Nice women's hiking bootsneed for special equipment. However, you must keep certain things in mind so your enthusiasm doesn’t get hurt. Good results come with some practice. After establishing the route you will need to choose your clothing with an eye to the weather forecasts. Especially on mountain hikes, it is better to be prepared for any weather, the changes being mostly unpredictable. Take care of your feet, they are the ones that must carry you over the trails. Protect them with a good pair of boots. You ladies can head on to and read some good women’s hiking boots reviews. Take my advice and buy some boots. You’ll feel sorry for not hiking then!

Also, in nature even the taste is another: a glass of fresh milk, a slice of bread with ham, or simply water – in the outdoors you will notice that everything smells and tastes better. Of course you’re more hungry and thirsty than usual, but there’s that perfume of nature that permeates everything.

In addition, walking outdoors and the tranquility of the forest are the most effective solution for letting go of emotional moods and stress- the mind relieves itself from cloudy thoughts, and the senses become more responsive to nature. In addition, regular movement lowers blood pressure.

Hiking in regions with high altitudes have as a consequence the maintaining of well-being for a few days. One of the explanations is the increased number of red blood cells that carry oxygen.