Herman Cain: Obama Wants To ‘Destroy Capitalism’

Herman Cain (photo from CBSNews.com)

Herman Cain always speaks his mind--and I'm sure he always will. (Image from CBSNews.com)

Herman Cain is to get his own radio program. This is going to be good…

Because tonight on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News Channel, Michelle Malkin and Herman Cain discussed the recent comments made by Bill Clinton on extending the Bush Tax Cuts and Romney’s “sterling” career at Bain.

Bill Clinton said in an CNBC interview that he believed it would be detrimental to the US economy to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire before the November election—that the country is in a recession.

During the panel’s analysis, it was discussed whether Clinton “intented to sabotage” the Obama re-election strategy, the implications of Clinton’s comments on Obama’s image, and the strained relationship between Barak Obama and Bill Clinton, etc.

Central to this post is that towards the end of the discussion (around 07:00 in the video below)  Herman Cain said he believes Obama “intentionally wants to destroy capitalism”.

Sean Hannity disagreed with Cain, saying he thinks Obama “has been so indoctrinated in socialism he doesn’t know any other way, because that’s been every influence around him”.

(Perhaps Hannity really believes this, or maybe he’s too worried about really telling the truth for fear of reprimand from his bosses, I don’t know.)

Notice Michelle Malkin at the very end of the clip–she looked like the “cat who ate the canary”….

Too bad they had to close the segment. I would love to have heard Malkin’s assessment of Obama’s intentions for capitalism.

I must say, I agree with Herman Cain, as do many awake Americans. Barak Obama’s motives and intentions are Marxist, and that’s not good for America or capitalism.

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4 Responses to Herman Cain: Obama Wants To ‘Destroy Capitalism’

  1. Conny says:

    Hmm maybe the Clinton’s are wanting to run. You know have him fail and then try to run.

  2. CajunKid says:

    I think Obummer wants to destroy the American way, anyway he can. This despictable commie ,socialist, muslum will go down as the worst president this country has ever had. I think his downfall started in Wisconsin which will become a red state. This will be a long hard fight for conservatives, and I hope to God I will see him defeated.

  3. Darby Simoneaux says:

    I don’t think Obama would know capitalism if it came up from behind and bit him in the rear. He has been shoving socialism down our throats since he became the president.

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