Obama’s ‘Evolution’ on Same Sex Marriage

Jonathon Wells Book, Icons of Evolution (graphic from strengthsandweaknesses.org)

Book by Darwin Doubting scientist, Dr. Jonathon Wells, illuminates many problems of Darwinian Evolution (image:strenghtsandweaknesses.org)

Prior to today, President Barak Obama’s position on same sex marriage was that gay marriage “did not deserve to be a civil right”. In the wake of open support for SSM by Joe Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan last weekend, the president testified his “position on gay marriage is evolving”.

Today the president revealed to everyone that his position had “changed” to a complete support for SSM as a right.

Everyone knows that Obama has in no way evolved on his position. He always held the pro-gay view but lied about it for political expediency.

But most noteworthy is that he used the doctrine of Darwinism to assert that he has “changed for the better”. Darwinian evolution theorizes that life is constantly “changing” and “improving” by developing new, more advanced species from lower, less complex life forms.

It is no co-incidence that President Obama chose the term “evolving” with regard to his purported changing stance on gay marriage. Mr. Obama overlaid the principle that one can simply “change his mind” on top of a broader philosophical notion that “everything is changing for the better”—especially in the governance of mankind.

This may seem trivial or contrived to some, but consider that this episode “conditions” many Americans to think that “change” is always beneficial. It’s a subliminal implication that Darwinian change is indeed at work for the improvement of mankind –not only biologically, but morally, sociologically, and most importantly, politically.

The application of Darwinian “science” into sociology and politics is Social Darwinism. The best example of Social Darwinism is Karl Marx’s application of Darwin’s theory to develop Marxism- the foundation of Socialism and Communism. Karl Marx felt that Darwin’s theory would serve as the justification to take God from societies so that they would accept the notion that their rights come from the government, not from God. Note that Karl Marx also believed that capitalism would “evolve” into Communism.

America’s government is indeed evolving into a European-style socialism under President Obama and the Progressive Congressional Caucus. And as Vladimir Lenin, the founder of Soviet Russia famously said, “The goal of socialism is communism”, the US is gradually “changing” in the direction of Communism.

Indeed one must hold a position of atheism or agnosticism to support gay marriage—it is against the Bible. It is opposed to the Qur’an, too.

And, since Darwinism supports atheism, it is no surprise that Obama eludes to Darwinism when defining his “ascent” to a pro-gay marriage position. By stating that his position has evolved, Obama is acting as a Social Darwinist, mixing Darwinism with social policy.

Ironically Obama has accused Paul Ryan’s budget as being “thinly veiled Social Darwinism”, but Obama himself is guilty of Social Darwinism on two different fronts—he has applied Darwinism sociologically to promote Same Sex Marriage, and politically by evoking “change” through fostering class warfare tactics to achieve a “more evolved”, Marxist-style government.

Other than that, have a good evening.

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Born in 1952, I have a BS in Chemistry and worked the majority of my 30 year career in a business position for the chemical manufacturing industry. I believe a healthy Economy, honest Politics, and a conservative worldview are critical to the success of America for my children and grandchildren. Despite my skepticism of the very vocal liberal worldview in America, which compels me to write this blog, I encourage their respectful comments.
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7 Responses to Obama’s ‘Evolution’ on Same Sex Marriage

  1. ThePhDScientist says:

    Your post is hilarious! And you claim to have a scientific world view. Obama has supported same sex marriage because it is the right thing to do and he decided he should be on the right side of history. He also realized there is absolutely no reason to oppose same sex marriage and no valid argument to be made against it sans a purely contrived and fictitious religious one. Only religious bigotry can be justification for denying couples marriage rights. Have you read any of the transcripts from the lawyers trying to defend proposition 8? Of course they’re trying to do so in a court of law so they can’t really quote Leviticus – their arguments are laughable, schoolyard mentality.

    So go ahead tell me where in the Bible same sex marriage is called a sin. And then i’ll point out to you all the other things the bible got wrong – age of the earth, Adam & Even, the floating ship and the animals 2 x 2…

    You see you can’t be for science only when it fits your dogma.

    • My references to Darwin and Marx as an influence on Obama and western culture remain unchallenged…

      …and your assertion to be a PhD Scientist is refuted by the biased, disengaged content of your comment above.

      • ThePhDScientist says:

        And my assertion that religious bigotry is the only available, albeit invalid and useless, argument against gay marriage goes unchallenged. The whole Marx/Darwin socialism, tea party thing is a waste of my time – as is Genesis since science knows it’s mostly false…

  2. ThePhDScientist said: “And my ‘assertion’ that religious bigotry is the only available, albeit ‘invalid and useless’, argument against gay marriage goes unchallenged.”

    You are correct in that your argument is a but mere “assertion”, and is no doubt “invalid and useless”.

    PhDScientist said: “The whole Marx/Darwin socialism, tea party thing is a waste of my time – as is Genesis since science knows it’s ‘mostly’ false…”

    In consideration of your claim to have a PhD in science, you state with regard to Genesis….”science knows it’s ‘mostly’ false”? Really? At which point(s) is Genesis scientifically true?

    Thanks for your comments.

    • ThePhDScientist says:

      You seem upset that I challenge anti-gay religious bigotry? If you deny my assertion, please then tell me what is the argument against gay marriage that doesn’t place its claims in a book in a fairy tales?

      You’re right I miss spoke. Everything about Genesis has been shown untrue.

  3. PhDScientist said: “You seem upset that I challenge anti-gay religious bigotry?”

    I never expressed a personal opinion on gay marriage, so what makes you think I was “upset”. Resistance to gay marriage is not “bigotry”, just as opposition to Obama’s policies is not “racism”. My article was written as a basis for Darwinistic and Marxist influences on Obama and western culture. But, if you “insist” on a persoanl opinion on same sex marriage, I am opposed to it on the basis that same sex marriages cannot propagate life.

    PhDScientist said: “You’re right I miss spoke. Everything about Genesis has been shown untrue.”

    Yet, not everything about the “basis” of evolution has been substantiated. The Origin of Life is without a hypothesis that is capable of any consensus whatsoever:

  4. Eteve says:

    I don’t think govt has a place supporting unions that generally don’t result in kids. Can’t ban polygamy anymore either

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