Obamacare’s Public Support Falling

People jumping ship from Obamacare cartoon, from ObamaCartoon.blogspot.com

The public is "jumping ship" from support of Obamacare. Is lack of "public exposure" the reason for the drop in favorability? (image from ObamaCartoon.blogspot.com)

A recent health care poll by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation provided data that the favorability of Obama’s health care law is falling. Only 39% have a favorable view, down from the previous low of 41% in May 2010. 44% have an unfavorable view of the law, and another 17% don’t know enough to register an opinion.

The poll suggests that due to “low public awareness”, 14% of Americans fear that implementation of Obamacare will hurt rather than help them. 

“…With health reform somewhat less in the news as the debt ceiling debate took center stage, there has been a decline in public awareness about provisions that advocates have touted as key benefits of health reform….”

Despite the above analysis by this poll that opinion is waning due to a lack of awareness, I suggest that its popularity is dropping due to the recent poll which publicized that 10% of companies “admit” that they will drop existing insurance coverage benefits to their employees when and if Obamacare is fully implemented.

I highlight the word “admit’ because most companies which currently provide health care insurance benefits for their employees are cautious to admit that they will likely proceed in the most “cost effective” manner—they  will likely choose to pay the penalty to the federal government for not providing insurance coverage for their employees instead of the more expensive coverage they are providing now. This is, of course, provided said companies do not have waivers from Obamacare altogether.

The percentage of companies that will drop health care coverage benefits for their employees will likely be closer to 30% than the 10% mentioned above, which is the REAL REASON that Obamacare’s support is waning, not a lack of “public exposure” of the benefits of the law…

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