Will Fox News Lose Its FCC License?

Rupert Murdoch, hacking in England, FCC questions in US (picture Getty Images)

Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp's Fox News television network, may have his FCC license challenged as a result of a recent cell phone hacking scandal in England (photo: Getty Images)

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has come under some sharp scrutiny in England for one of his newspaper tabloids, News of the World, which hacked thousands of cell phones attempting to gather gossip for their columns.

When Murdoch arrived in England for the paper’s prompt closure, he was met with scorn from previously silent critics as “the tabloid also accessed voicemails left for a kidnapped 13-year-old girl who was later found slain. The relatives of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq may also have had their phones hacked”.

“It’s definitely a seismic moment,” said Julia Hobsbawm, head of Editorial Intelligence, a media analysis firm. “Arguably it’s the moment when the balance of power held by the mythology of Rupert Murdoch will have tipped.”

Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp, which in the US owns Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post, among other properties.

On ABC’s This Week with Christine Amanpour, Court TV’s Steve Brill noted that in FCC law there is a clause that requires owners of television stations to be “of good character” in order to maintain their license to broadcast. Therefore, even though criminality may have only existed at the editorial level, given Murdoch’s oversight of a company where such criminality was able to take place, Brill predicts:

I am reasonably certain that someone, maybe someone from the political left or whoever, is going to make a big deal of whether [News Corp. is] fit to have their FCC
licenses under the current management

In the worst possible scenario, this could mean that Fox News might have their license yanked. But, in all likelihood,  if this opportunity gets any traction in the FCC whatsoever, they could only pressure Rupert Murdoch to sell off the television network.

My worst nightmare would be if Murdoch auctioned it off to the highest bidder, and it ended up with George Soros…..

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Born in 1952, I have a BS in Chemistry and worked the majority of my 30 year career in a business position for the chemical manufacturing industry. I believe a healthy Economy, honest Politics, and a conservative worldview are critical to the success of America for my children and grandchildren. Despite my skepticism of the very vocal liberal worldview in America, which compels me to write this blog, I encourage their respectful comments.
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11 Responses to Will Fox News Lose Its FCC License?

  1. Conny says:

    NO!!! That would be horrible!! If he didn’t know, then he shouldn’t be held accountable. It seems to me it would be the one who knew that should be of no good character. And I don’t think he should be made to sell. You can’t honestly tell me that the other news networks don’t have dirt. They just haven’t been found out. They all have one agenda: Get rid of Fox News. And concering George Soros I have one thing to say: HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!

  2. CajunKid says:

    Fox news has the only fair and balanced coverage of any other network. The other networks are so bias and I hope this does not happen.

  3. Andrew says:

    Rupert Murdoch has always been a criminal. This is just the essential “tipping point” for the scales. It’s a shame to know that there are actual people out there who still get their news from Fox News. If you want unbiased news look anywhere other than fox.

  4. Paul says:

    Murdoch runs a criminal organization which is the propaganda wing of the military industrial complex. He is in league with other criminal organizations commonly known as political parties, investment banks, oil companies and weapons manufacturers. He flogs the right wing agenda because he (and they) get rich doing it. He deludes the bible belt red necks into thinking that he and they have shared values and a common agenda, while he and his fellow multimillionaire criminals laugh all the way to the bank. When will the white trash wake up to the fact that they’ve been manipulated and deluded?

    • I suppose the “white trash” (race card?) would admit this about Rupert Murdoch when the Left’s useful idiots admit George Soros has used them for pretty much the same….which may be awhile, no?

  5. Mike Smith says:

    HELL YEAH!!! Whatever it takes to make that crappy channel somewhat respectable is a great thing foor our country. All you dumb asses that back Fox news as it is are a shame to this country. TRY to remember the brainwashing about mobile chemical weapons labs in Iraq. Don’t you see fox played a major role in promoting a war that cost thousands of American lives. Most of whom had just started their lives as adults. They are controlling their ‘followers’ by using religion as a means to promote conservatism. I am PROUD to speak on the people’s behalf. AND I SUPPORT ANONYMOUS!!!!

    • Suri says:

      Mike Smith said:
      “I am PROUD to speak on the people’s behalf.”

      Uhh, I don’t think you speak on behalf of everyone, especially me.
      Amazing that you think that Bush and Fox News “made up” intelligence to promote the Iraq war…it was common knowledge, yes to Democrats. Even the Europeans confirmed the information….are they partners in your convenient conspiracy?

      Fox News is a business that gives the news, but opinion too. It’s the conservative opinion that irritates you. Folks like Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes, and others give the liberal point of view. Trouble is, you can’t stand the conservative ideas which challenge yours. It’s free speech, conservatism resonates with Americans, and you can’t stand that.

      Oh well.

      • Andrew says:

        Go to the FCC’s website. A news organization cannot have any political background or agenda. I think all media outlets need to be slapped around a bit because they all have agendas. No one however makes it more blatantly obvious than Fox. Technically their license can be snatched from them for various infractions. I am one who does not mind the conservative view because I am intelligent enough to know BOTH parties are to blame.

  6. katfzl says:

    I do not think one person should be in control of so many media outlets, both print and video. The company needs to be broken up. In addition, I am tired of “opinion” news.

  7. Larry McDaniel says:

    This man is a naturalized foreign national who’s Fox News and money is subverting our political system. You Republicans think that anything that supports your hateful position is good for the country. My Lord Jesus says that I should love my enemies. I find that really hard to do with Republicans these days. They support a subversive like Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh and want to destroy anyone who is poor. Maybe they think that they will get a dollar for their support. No you will get used and end up with your hand out waiting for your reward. Satan has infiltrated the Republican party through their greed and gulability. No matter what is said in defense of their speech, this infiltration will be the downfall of the Republican party. This is the party that freed the black man. It has become a party that hates the impoverished, the disadvantaged and the aged and they want to cut any support for them. I’m telling you hateful people that God will have a reconing with you all. He knows that you are trying to create economic slavery. You business people with money think that if we can hold the poor man down, he will be glad to work for the minimum wage. You think I can keep my nice home and new car and go to the country club and be with all of my other well to do friends if I can keep my workforce as inexspensive as posiible. Welcome to the new Jim Crow for blacks and whites. It’s not about race anymore. It’s about standard of living. I don’t want you to get me wrong. You Southern people used God as an excuse for hundreds of years to support your black slavery. You want to use a persons patriotism against that person. You want to define what patriotism is. If my patriotism isn’t the same as yours I’m a dirty person. Your whole purpose is to create a Jim Crow slavery for all of the poor in the country. God will not allow that. He ended it over a hundred years ago with the first Republican president. He will end an entire greedy political party to stop it again. All of you out there with wealth or good income situations should start supporting the lesser of you. I am afraid that if you all continue with this hate that you’ll have a reconing with God. You may think you are already sanctified. You may just get a shock to your life system soon.

  8. George Tippett says:

    Wait a minute. We are racists because we subscibe to capitalism? I am hateful because I believe in capitalism? I will have a “reconing with God” because I believe in capitalism? What should we all do, subscribe to the failed policies of Marxism to slove our ills? .

    Marxism contends that there should be no personal property–everyone shoud equally share. Feel-good, Marxist policies will bankrupt this country and lead us to Communism… and Communism is littered with dead bodies of its own countrymen.

    I’m sorry, but you sound like a kid that doesn’t understand what he’s getting himself into…Marxism is nothing but trouble.

    Thanks for the comment.

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